Dear Cornerstone Family,

One reason Cornerstone Church has grown over the years is we’ve not been afraid of challenge and risk to attain the vision God has given us. Since 1990, Cornerstone has expanded to three campuses, and reaches nearly 2,500 people every week in worship services, CornerKids, and Cornerstone Student Ministries. In addition, we’ve been blessed to reach thousands more in the greater Grand Rapids and global communities in so many ways. Your impact has made such a difference!

We’re experiencing the growing pains that come with overcrowded spaces, as well as the need for different kinds of spaces. Each of our campuses has very specific needs, mainly in the areas that impact our kids and student ministries. Worth It is about us addressing these areas of need.

I’m inviting you to join me on the journey we call Worth It. People are worth it. Children are worth it. Teenagers are worth it. Families are worth fighting for! Please prayerfully discern how God is leading you to be involved.


Brad Kalajainen
Lead Pastor

To learn more about Worth It, download the Worth It Journey Guide

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“For Christ’s love compels us, because we are convinced that one died for all.” -2 Corinthians 5:14 (NLT)

See the Vision


For the past five years, Cornerstone has strategically followed a vision to become a multisite church; we want to reach many communities for Christ! To that end, we launched the Heritage Hill Campus in downtown Grand Rapids in 2013 with approximately 80 people from the 84th St. Campus. In 2015, we opened a third campus in the South Wyoming area of Grand Rapids. Approximately 100 people from 84th St. provided the needed momentum for a successful launch. Today, CornerKids and Cornerstone Student Ministries, core ingredients of our DNA from the beginning, are challenged with lack of space to serve ever-growing numbers of kids and students.

See the Vision

Kids & Students

Space is becoming a concern at all three campuses. In our three locations combined, weíre averaging nearly 750 children and students per week in preschool through 12th grade. Cornerstone leadership has been monitoring these issues and their impact on growth for the past several years. We believe the time is now to address the need so we're positioned for continued outreach in 2020 and beyond. Meetings with ministry directors is ongoing, and priorities are being set for each campus.

See the Vision

Do the Mission

It is because of what we have seen God do over the past 27 years that we have a God-sized vision for the next ten. In humble gratitude, we believe God has blessed Cornerstone, and we are compelled to continue to take the good news of Jesus Christ to our community and to the world. We’re firmly committed to approach any effort to raise funds from the perspective of Christian stewardship, and pray that every member would be challenged to grow in this area of discipleship, and experience the joy of generosity (2 Corinthians 9:7).

“God has given us two hands – one hand to receive with and the other hand to give with.” -Billy Graham

Project Overview

84th Street

  • Classrooms


  • Connector Hall


  • Ancillary Spaces


  • Multi-Use Space


At the 84th St. Campus, average attendance has grown to 1948 per weekend including our kids and students. We've grown significantly in the numbers of children we reach every weekend. Pre-school rooms are regularly overcrowded. To help alleviate this problem we will add classrooms. The growing needs at the 84th St. Campus also include a large multi-use space for children, students, and adults. It would be used by our upper elementary students on Sunday mornings, and middle and high school students for weekly large group programs. It would also be used by adults for larger classes, workshops, seminars, and as a worship venue.


Heritage Hill

  • Nursery


  • Classrooms


  • Kitchen & Restrooms


  • The Hub


  • The Square


At our Heritage Hill Campus, attendance has grown from the original 80 launch team members to an average attendance of 417, including our kids. The need for a dedicated student ministry space is acute, as currently there is none. Space for children is limited to a large open area we call The Square. In addition to kids and student space, building improvements including a nursery, pre-k, young 2s, and childrenís registration remodel are all needed to accommodate growth and provide better security.


South Wyoming

  • Worship Center


  • Classrooms


  • The Hub


  • Restrooms


  • The Square


At the South Wyoming Campus, attendance has grown from the original 100 to an average of 432, including our kids. Research shows that our current attendance will inhibit future growth if changes arenít made. For growth to continue, a Worship Center expansion, Hub expansion, and additional classrooms are all urgently needed. Through the addition and renovations we will provide a more secure area for our children and students.


What to do Next

  • Pray

    Talk with God about your personal commitment. Ask that His will be done in your life. Wrestle with a number that seems too great, then ask God to work.

  • Ponder

    Define what sacrifice looks like for you. Consider what changes you can make in your life that will enable you to invest in what you care about. In what ways can you give that will make a difference to you?

  • Prepare

    Our sacrifices, not our gifts, should be equal. Each of us can meaningfully invest in proportion to the resources God has given us. A commitment to give should be a demonstration of the sacrifice God has revealed as right for you.

  • Plan

    Prayerfully create a personal three-year plan that goes above and beyond your regular giving. Remember that it isn't just about how these church buildings affect you, but how they help minister to this and future generations that makes it Worth It. 

3-Year Gift Guide

This chart shows what your gifts look like over time.

Make a Commitment

After prayerful and careful consideration, I/We would like to commit to Worth It.

Ways to Give

Contributions may be made through or the Cornerstone Church GR app. You will be directed to a secure location to make your contribution. You may begin an online giving account or access your existing account. Complete the information for a one-time or scheduled recurring gift, whichever you prefer. Choose "Worth It" from the menu to designate gifts for the building campaign. We currently accept checking and savings account bank drafts, credit and debit cards.

Through your bank's bill pay system, you can set up a one-time or automatic recurring gift directly from your bank account. Please include a designation to "Worth It" in the bill pay memo.

On the memo section of your check, please write "Worth It" and the dollar amount of the check you would like to allocate to the campaign. Place cash gifts in an offering envelope and complete the information including how you would like to allocate the funds. Place your gift in the offering during any service or mail it to the church. Offering envelopes are available in the seatbacks in the Worship Center or at Guest Services. If you would like to receive monthly offering envelopes to your home, please contact Sally Kwekel at 616.698.3170 or

You can give stocks and some bonds, and you can also make Cornerstone the beneficiary of your will or insurance. Contact Holly Spurgess at with the name of the stock, the number of shares you are contributing, the individualís name listed on the stock, and how you would like your stock designated (i.e. "Worth It").

You Might be Asking...

  • What is "Worth It"?

    "Worth It" is our response to God's invitation to join Him in His great plans to bring people into a saving relationship with Him through faith in Jesus. In an effort to accomplish this we will need to expand our facilities and ministry programs.  To cover the cost, churches typically ask their congregations to give over and above their current levels of giving for a specific period of time. We will ask you to pray and consider how much you can give over a three-year period toward the Worth It vision. While Worth It includes a capital campaign, it would miss the mark to reduce it only to the financial aspect. The campaign is one component of the overall effort to renew our commitment to God and to introduce people to Christ, equip them in their faith and send them out into the world to share Christ with others by preparing and equipping them with tools to share the Good News.

  • Do we really need additional space?

    Fortunately, our South Wyoming campus has been experiencing growth and the need for extra space in the worship center is needed.  All three campuses are in need of additional spaces for children and students.  One sign of a healthy church is the strength of its children and student ministries. Cornerstone is fortunate to have strong ministries in these areas to the point that we are out of room and need additional space.  Of the 14 new spaces dedicated for children and student ministries, 10 of them will be able to be used by other ministry groups and multiple age groups, including adult learning.  If these growth constraints are not addressed now, we believe the lack of space will adversely affect our ability to reach, disciple and send others.

  • How much will it cost to fully fund the “Worth It” vision? How long is the pledge period?

    The Worth It campaign will require 7 million dollars in pledges over a three year period.

  • What if we do not meet our goal?

    Based on our study, we are more than able to raise the dollars needed and more importantly, we are trusting fully in God. However, if we did not meet our goal, we would look to borrow a responsible amount and we would prioritize our projects with classrooms, safety/security issues and South Wyoming being the most critical.

  • What is our current debt?

    Currently our debt is $510,000 on our 84th Street Campus and $330,000 on our Heritage Hill Campus and no debt on our South Wyoming campus. Our current debt will be lower by the end of 2018 as we will continue making payments on it.

  • How does our church leadership view debt?

    Over the last 27 years, Cornerstone has patiently and prayerfully followed Godís lead. We have used and managed debt wisely to allow for the expansion of our campus and ministry. The Lord has been gracious to clearly direct our steps to expand at the right time in the right way.

    At Cornerstone, we are thoughtful and prayerful about debt.  Debt is a financial tool that we can use to our advantage, but it must be used responsibly and with wisdom.  We have no desire to put our church or campuses at unreasonable risk of loss.  We are careful to not allow debt to restrict our ability to take advantage of the ministry opportunities God brings our way. We never want debt to corner us into cutting staff positions or ministry programs. Currently, we are paying down our debt aggressively and ahead of schedule.  We also seek the most favorable interest rate possible

  • If I have questions, who can I contact?

    Gordie Nickels at

See the Vision

Do the Mission

Meet the Need

Grow the Community

Give Generously

Trust in the Lord

It is Going to be

“Now to Him who can do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to His power that is at work within us, to Him be the glory…” -Ephesians 3:20-21

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To learn more about Worth It, download the Worth It Journey Guide