Looking to connect with God, meet people, and learn something new? Join us for one or more of our classes and studies! Descriptions include information on whether classes/studies are online, in-person, or both.

Workshops at Cornerstone

Workshops are one-night classes offered on the second Wednesday of the month. They offer a schedule-friendly way to learn, ask questions, and meet other people!

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Current & Upcoming Classes

Tuesdays, Aug 6, 13, 20, 27 @ 9:30am in Room 203
84th St. Campus

Join us as we continue our journey through Season 4 of The Chosen, the captivating TV adaptation that brings to life the story of Jesus. This study offers an opportunity to explore each episode in depth, fostering a deeper understanding and connection with Jesus. We’ll pick up where we left off at episode five, so make sure to catch up if you’ve missed any episodes. This study is open to all age groups.

Led by Rhoni Kaastra
Dates: Tuesday mornings at South Wyoming, July 9 – Aug. 6, 9:30-11:30am
Cost: $5 for books

Bestselling author Bob Goff dares to ask the questions: What would you do if opinion, reason, or probability were no objects? What do you deeply desire to do even if it scares you to the marrow of your bones? What were you meant to do even if no other person thinks you should? Bob shares stories from the Bible that show how God called certain individuals to follow him, regardless of their lack of "qualifications," and how those people changed the world when they dared to follow God's dreams for their lives. This is a five week study for men and women.

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Led by Betsy Marvin
Dates:  Tuesday nights at 84th St. July 9 – Aug 20,  6:30-8:30 pm
Cost: $20 for book and workbook

This seven week study is for every woman who thinks, "I can’t keep pretending everything is fine!" Through personal stories and biblical principles, the author will help you find your way out of superficial spirituality and move to a deep, meaningful, life changing relationship with God. (Note: This class is using The Emotionally Healthy Woman curriculum, in case you already took that class!)

Registration is now closed.

Torah Club is a serious and intentional weekly study where disciples of Jesus study the Bible from a Jewish perspective by going through a year-long curriculum together. Torah Club helps people to know Jesus and His message better while teaching us how to apply the Bible practically to our lives. By the end of a year of Torah study, you will have a much better understanding of your Bible, be connected with new friends, and have a closer walk with God!

We are starting a new study in October called “The Beginning of Wisdom,” which will be direct, counter-cultural, and biblically rooted, calling Jesus’ disciples to magnify their fear and love of God. If you’ve been curious about Torah Club, now is a great time to join!

Meets at 84th St. campus every Tuesday from 7-9pm. To contact the leader or sign up, click here.

Have you ever explored the reasonable evidence for your faith in Christianity? Join us for this video lecture series called “12 Points That Show Christianity Is True,” taught by renowned Christian apologist Norman L. Geisler, Ph.D. Each session will be 30 minutes of video followed by 30 minutes of group discussion. The discussion leader is a member of Cornerstone and retired psychologist, Jim Van Buren, Ph.D. The book is available on Amazon and is recommended, but not required for participation.

This is a 24 week online (Zoom) class and meets from 11am-12pm on Saturdays. The class is open to anyone interested in discussion of the video presented each week. Drop ins are welcome. If you would like to study on your own, please contact Jim at for the entire video series sent to your email. Contact Jim with your email for a Zoom link if you would like join our discussions.


Cornerstone Essentials

The “Life-Changing Discipleship” and “Healthy Relationships” classes are the core of our discipleship learning at Cornerstone. Watch the testimonial videos below to hear all about them from people in the church!