What does it mean to become a “member” of Cornerstone?

In our culture, having a membership usually means you pay money to get certain privileges that aren’t available to everyone else. Membership at Cornerstone means something totally different!

It’s not about joining an exclusive club or getting special benefits, and there’s no secret handshake to learn. Becoming a member of Cornerstone is about putting down some roots and committing to making this your church home in a meaningful way. It means playing a part in helping this church be the body of Christ in our community by using the unique gifts, time, and resources that God has given you. It’s about taking a step out of the crowd to say, “I want to be known.”

We have two member meetings a year, one informational and one where voting occurs.  Please note, you do not have to be a member of Cornerstone to participate in ministries, take communion, or serve!

Upcoming Membership Classes

Save the dates! The next Membership Class has three sessions that meet over lunch: Sept. 15, Oct. 20, and Nov. 17th.  All three sessions are required.

Registration will be available soon!  Please email Mandy Fowler at mandyf@cornerstonemi.org if you have any questions.

Questions About Membership?

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