Circles GR is a long-term approach to end poverty permanently in our community. Circles GR is an initiative of Streams of Hope.

How Circles Works to End Poverty in Our Community

Each week, local families working to overcome poverty (Circle Leaders) meet with community volunteers (Allies) over dinner. Following the meal, Circle Leaders work with their Allies to achieve specific personal goals toward self-reliance. Over time, incomes and savings improve, debt and public assistance decrease, and supportive social networks are built.

How You Can Help

Below are some ways you can be part of ending poverty in our community. Choose an option and volunteer!

Become a Circles GR Ally

Allies agree to form an intentional relationship with a Circle Leader working to get out of poverty.

Provide Childcare for Circles' Kids

Circles' children and youth curriculum uses a developmental approach and is designed to interrupt the poverty cycle for future generations.

Be Part of the Resource Team

Resource Team members help maintain and drive the Circles program and are guided and supported by staff.


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