In partnership with ICCF Community Homes, Cornerstone is helping rehab homes in GR. ICCF Community Homes helps low-income families find safe, clean, affordable housing, and shows Jesus' love in action! Help us restore homes, and hope!

Restoring Homes and Hope!


Thank you for your willingness to volunteer with Cornerstone and ICCF Community Homes!

Cornerstone is serving ICCF Community Homes Saturdays, 9am-12:30pm doing various minor construction-type projects from painting, yard work, and cleaning to sorting and organizing. You don't have to have construction skills to help!

Whether you've volunteered with ICCF in the past, or this is your first time, the link below will take you to the "ICCF Volunteers Opportunities" page, created just for Cornerstone.

Look for the "Create An Account" link on the top right of the page. There, you'll find instructions on how to create an account in their system. It helps keep all of ICCF's projects, volunteers and volunteer opportunities organized — which is no small thing!

Please Note: ICCF can only accept volunteers who are 18 and older unless supervised by an adult.

* Look for the "Create An Account" link on the top right of the page
** Please write "Cornerstone Church" when asked what church or business you're affiliated with.

Frequently Asked Questions

Creating an account triggers a background check (everyone who volunteers for ICCF is background-checked). It also allows you to see information and dates for Cornerstone's ICCF projects, and specific volunteer opportunities. (When filling out your account information, be sure to include Cornerstone Church as the group you're affiliated with.)

Anyone under 18 must be accompanied by an adult.

ICCF will have a staff person on-site with the supplies and directions you need.  If we do yardwork, bringing your rakes/gloves would be appreciated, but other supplies like yard waste bags will be provided.

Yes, it's expected that masks will be worn and Covid safety protocols followed while serving. At volunteer sites, there will be a check-in sheet with all the typical Covid questions — like do you have a fever, are you feeling short of breath, etc.  ICCF asks people to fill those out every time they are volunteering.

More Questions?

Please contact ICCF's Volunteer Coordinator, Sheryl Baas at or 616.336.9333 x-616