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Love INC SKC (Love in the Name of Christ, South Kent County) is a network of local churches working together to help meet needs and impact lives in the name of Jesus!

There's a gap in our communities: meeting needs alone doesn't transform lives. Relationships do!

We want to serve, meet needs, help change and positively impact lives through a relationship with Jesus, and members of our church network families. By serving, we are also blessed! We learn and grow through listening to and learning from others.

The starting point is our call center — the Love INC Connection Center. When anyone calls, they speak with loving volunteers. We ask questions, hear people’s stories, learn about their gifts, strengths, as well as their needs. Then we mobilize our church network to share resources to meet those needs, and to form authentic relationships.

How to Get Involved

  • Serve at the Connection Center

    Answer calls, listen to stories and help connect people to the resources within our group of churches.

    Email the Center About Serving

  • Serve at the ICCF Home in Wyoming

    Kent County is nearly 35,000 units of housing below where it should be for our population! Together, we are hoping to help. A group of local churches called Love INC of South Kent County is locking arms with ICCF Community Homes to renew an apartment in Wyoming. You can help with the renewing of this home, for one income qualifying family.

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