Cornerstone & Kenya

Since 2007, Cornerstone has worked among 9 different people groups of Northern Kenya, who had little to no access to learn about Jesus. God is at work in Northern Kenya and more people are learning about Jesus and deciding to follow Him. Churches are starting, growing and reaching out to their communities.

Our Investment in Kenya

Cornerstone has invested in different areas of Northern Kenya by:

Praying faithfully
Supporting missionaries in the region
Having direct partnerships with local churches and schools
Partnering with World Relief for community transformation and development, specifically in Turkana
Funding bible translation
Inspiring and funding numerous clean water initiatives
Providing Gospel-sharing tools like solar-powered audio Bibles, Jesus Films and Audio Bibles via Micro-SD Cards.
Church planting
Visiting with partners in their villages
Leading teaching conferences
Providing Veterinary Clinics, Health Clinics and Eyecare Clinics

Clean Water+The Gospel+Farming = Helping People Know Jesus

Bringing clean water and the Gospel of Jesus to people who need both is behind Cornerstone's partnership with World Relief and Genesis Waters!

In this video, you'll hear from Elias Kamau, Kenya Country Director for World Relief. We've visited, prayerfully supported, and financially supported the ministry and development work in this village of Kangputhia. Cornerstone has also financially contributed to the clean water solution of a well/borehole, through our partnership with Genesis Waters, that’s been installed there.

Our partnership has also led to farming opportunities, which means food for the community and discipleship. The community learns how to farm through a Bible-based model through the local church.

Your giving is what makes Cornerstone's involvement possible. We praise God for the work He’s doing through our partnerships in Northern Kenya!

The Good News is Spreading!

This is another awesome story of how your prayers and financial gifts are making Jesus known!

Cornerstone has invested prayerfully and financially in literacy programs in Kenya, as well as in the translation of the Rendille Language New Testament.

Two years ago, Bukeyo Garawahle enrolled for the Tirrim Literacy Program with the intention of learning how to read and write in the Rendille language.

“I was excited to learn how to write numbers and also write my name in my language. At the time of my enrollment, the Rendille New Testament had just been dedicated but I could not read it. As the classes progressed, my desire to learn how to read grew the more as I really longed to read this Holy Book in my own language and to know Jesus more personally."

As two years elapsed on 18th of August 2020 since the dedication of the Rendille New Testament, Bukeyo graduated from her class. She was gifted a copy of the Rendille New Testament as a reward for completing her classes successfully.

“I cannot imagine that I can now read God’s word in my own language. This is a precious Book for me. Jesus is everything to me. I am eager to share my new faith in the village.”

Kenya Literacy

A Taste of Kenya

A few weeks after the team gets back, they’ll host a get-together at Cornerstone to share all about their trip. Part of that sharing includes Kenyan food, which is quite an experience! As soon as there’s a date, we’ll put it here.

More Information / FAQ

Praying for the communities and missionaries in Northern Kenya is the most powerful thing you can do. You can also pray for teams that travel to Northern Kenya. Give financially to Cornerstone Church for Kenya. Apply to be on a GO Team that will travel to the area.

World Relief empowers the local church to reach the most vulnerable.  Cornerstone has been in partnership with World Relief since 2015 working with the Turkana people to help in lasting change.  Cornerstone partners with the holistic community development work in Turkana North through clean water initiatives, child and maternal health, livestock breeding, savings for life training, community garden training and providing gospel sharing tools.

Cornerstone prayerfully and financially supports missionaries working in Northern Kenya, through Africa Inland Mission or Africa Inland Church. Eddie and Rachel Andersen serve in Dukana. Edgy and Solange Silva, are from Brazil and serve in the Hurri Hills. David Gargule serves as an outreach pastor in Korr the village where he was born and raised.

If you sense God leading you to travel to Northern Kenya, the first step is to fill out an online application which includes an application fee that is used toward the trip. The second step is a conversation with the team leader, who determines which individuals will travel. Once the GO Team participants are determined, preparation meetings begin.

  • Commit to participate in pre and post-trip meetings. Cornerstone sees participation on a GO Team to be part of one’s discipleship journey. The preparation and follow up after the travel are integral parts of one’s discipleship. The trip itself is a fraction of the experience.
  • Regular attendance in worship and serving with Cornerstone Church
  • Praying faithfully for the team, and the area where the team will go
  • Funding the trip costs by inviting others to give toward the trip
  • Sharing your experience with others after you return

Be Part Of A Future Kenya Mission Trip

If you're interested in traveling to Kenya as part of a Cornerstone Team, please fill out the form below.